Cancer monkey compatibility


It can be fun and very insightful to compare your compatibility using the different astrological systems. The Chinese Zodiac is divided into 12 animals and 5 elements Western astrology only includes four elements. There are actually quite a lot of layers of compatibility within the Chinese Zodiac system. The year you were born and the year your partner was born tells a lot about compatibility.

Generally, someone born three years ahead or behind you is not compatible while those that are four years apart are considered to be compatible.

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To understand why this is the case, we can look at the cycles with Chinese Astrology. There are year cycles of animals and there are five-year cycles of elements.

The Western and Chinese Zodiac Sign Compatibility Chart

Additionally, each year will alternate between Yin or Yang. Before you give up on trying to figure this out, you can start by looking to see which animal you are and which animals you get along with. There is another grouping that is based on the similar characteristics of animals. The animals are divided into four groups based on traits that mesh well together. They need to be able to show some give and take.

They tend to be very giving when they are in love. They will not mind giving in to something to make their partner happy. Their agreeable nature could be the reason their partner bosses over them. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! In a monkey man and pig woman compatibility, the male monkey might push the female pig to get out of the house instead of staying in. They are not going to want to keep doing it repeatedly.

Eventually, they will give up and just decide to get out of the house on their own. They might not be aware of their bossy nature as they would not want to ever treat their lover badly on purpose. The monkey is an intimate one, but that does not mean they want to spend a lot of time in the bedroom. Sexually the monkey woman and pig man in bed make good partners. But each will expect the other to give them what they want.

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  • The male pig will jump into going after their goals. The pig will often show kindness to others, which is something that makes the monkey unhappy. Chinese astrology compatibility predicts that when the pig is dating the monkey , they want their loving gestures to be appreciated. Chances are that they would be looking for another lover to break their hearts. Rabbit Monkey love compatibility could therefore last for a short period of time before the monkey runs away.

    The playful nature of the monkey would make them appear as a lover that is never serious. This is certainly true about them. When this happens, rest assured that the rabbit will have second thoughts about Rabbit Monkey compatibility.

    Dog and Monkey Love Compatibility and Relationship - Chinese Astrology Compatibility

    They might be careful not to commit themselves to an individual that would only hurt them rather than respect the patience and charm they offer them. The rabbit lover would do anything just to ensure that they are in a peaceful Rabbit Monkey love match. Nevertheless, the worst thing is that the monkey would not allow them to appreciate peace in their relationship.

    Cancer / Rat & Pisces / Monkey Compatibility

    These partners will constantly argue over the differences that they find in each other. As earlier pointed out above, Rabbit Monkey love compatibility involves partners that are never emotional. So, what happens when they need to solve serious issues in Rabbit Monkey sexuality? It is quite likely that both of them might look the other way and throw these issues under the carpet.

    This is not the best way of solving problems. In the end, these problems could pile up into something that both of them cannot bear.

    Personality and characteristics

    Their escapism aspect makes this relationship quite scary more so if both partners would be settling down together over the long haul. This relationship will only blossom when Rabbit Monkey soulmates take each other seriously. This relationship might begin as a joke and this is where their love affair gets tricky. Chances are that they could end up remaining in the same position without changing. The monkey needs to open their eyes and appreciate that their rabbit lover needs a more serious relationship.

    This means that it would be wise for both of them to set some ground rules before taking their relationship to another level. The rabbit will also have to deal with their moody nature if at all they would be settling down with the monkey.

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    • There are instances where they easily get pissed off. The monkey lover might not understand them if they keep up with this attitude.