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In women the tables are turned as a twitching right eye signifies good luck while a twitching left one is considered a bad prognostic. Similarly, there are many assumptions of eyelid twitching causes and superstitions where a twitch in the lower left eyelid means you can expect to cry soon or someone is gossiping about you. The Indian left eye twitching superstition is the reverse of the Chinese version.

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So in India a twitching right eye is definitely a good sign while the left eye twitching is considered inauspicious. At times, eye twitching can also be based on the gender as well, so while left eye twitching is considered good for women it might be a bad sign for men.

In Hawaii twitching eyes can signal the arrival of a stranger, or a mourning in the offing. In addition to these faith and beliefs , there are some other versions of the left eye twitching superstition where a constant twinging of your left eye might signal a demise in the family or the twitching of the right may signal an impending birth. Read more on bad luck superstitions. Although the left eye twitching bad luck or good luck superstitions might make for a good reading, there is a scientific reason behind left eye twitching. Involuntary eye twitching also referred to as eye muscle spasm can be attributed to a eye problem known as blepharospasm.

The condition is actually caused by uncontrollable contractions of the muscles around the eyelids. This chronic, uncontrollable blinking of the eyes is the result of dry eyes, conjunctivitis or light sensitivity. Eye twitches can also be caused by certain conditions such as stress , air pollution, strained eyes or fatigue. If it is an extreme condition you need to consult a doctor who might prescribe oral medications or certain eye drops.

In an extreme case, myectomy or surgery for treating blinking eyes may have to be performed to cure the excessive twitching of the eyes. However, general twitching in the eyes can be cured with plenty of rest and cutting down on certain things like smoking, caffeine or alcohol. Eye twitching, eyelid tics and spasms are pretty common. Usually only the bottom lid of one eye is involved , but the top eyelid also can twitch. Most eye twitches come and go, although they can last for weeks or even months. Almost all sudden-onset eyelid twitching is benign, meaning the condition is not serious or a sign of a medical problem.

However, this kind of eye twitching also can be hard to treat. The only option for making the twitching stop may be to figure out the cause and deal with it. More serious forms of eyelid twitching are caused by neurological conditions such as blepharospasm or hemifacial spasm. These conditions are much less common and should be diagnosed and treated by an eye doctor. Eye twitching can be one sign of stress, especially when it is related to vision problems such as eye strain see below. Reducing the cause of the stress can help make the twitching stop. Tiredness : A lack of sleep, whether because of stress or some other reason, can trigger eyelid spasms.

Catching up on your sleep can help. Eyestrain : Vision-related stress can occur if, for instance, you need glasses or a change of glasses. Your eyes may be working too hard, triggering eyelid twitching. Computer eye strain from computer use is also a very common cause of vision-related stress. If you spend a lot of time on the computer, you also should consider talking to your eye doctor about special computer eyeglasses.

If your caffeine coffee, tea, soda pop, etc. Dry eyes : More than half the older population experiences dry eyes , due to aging. Dry eyes also are very common for people who use computers, take certain medications antihistamines, antidepressants, etc. The left side of the neck: indication of danger from enemies.

Body Parts Twitching Astrology

Auspiciousness and wealth. The right shoulder: native hears unpleasant news. Great wealth. The left shoulder: sleeps in a strange place. The part between neck and shoulder: may expect help from ladies. Full chest: hugs a loved one. Right breast: increase of money. Left breast: good from near and dear. Right side of the Chest below the shoulder : will be honored.

Left side of the chest below the shoulder : will be relieved from the troubles. Stomach: will gain good name. Navel: happiness and auspicious time. Elbow of the right hand: will receive the fruits of the past deeds. Elbow of the left hand: will gain wealth.

What does Right eye blinking for a Female Mean? | According to Astrology

Full right hand: great wealth. Right hand thumb: gain of wealth. Loved by the king somebody in authority, boss etc. Right hand index: somebody speaks ill of him. Right hand middle finger: will commit sins. Right hand ring finger: increase of wealth. Right hand little finger: luck after difficulties.

Right hand wrist: gains wealth after difficulties. Full left hand: gains status. An absent person comes back. If a female: gains of wealth. Left hand thumb: will be honored. Left hand index: worries. Left hand middle finger: their ideas will be fruitful. Left hand ring finger: good for health. Strength and power. The right side of the back: possible danger from animals. The left side of the back: a change of residence.

Full waist: Will purchase good dress material. The right side of the waist: becomes happy regarding something. The left side of the waist: gets married to whom they want. Private areas: indicates that a friend or a relative in a foreign land is in difficulties. A blessing and status amongst people. The right thigh: will win over the cases pending in the court.

The left thigh: the enemies will compromise. Gets a vehicle. Both the thighs: Income from all sources and recovery of bad and doubtful debts. The right knee: will face a sever anger. Befriends and a person in authority. The left knee: a relative living in foreign land will visit and the native leaving grudges. Honored by a person in authority. Both the knees: will commit deeds and win the hearts of those in authority.

The right leg: quarrels with somebody. The left leg: new sustenance. The right ankle: will live in a multiple storied building. The upper side of the right foot: will leave his native land with sorrow. His speech is not liked by others. The upper side of the left foot: the case pending in the court will be lost and it will be in favor of the opponent.

While Chinese superstitions have their base in the time of the day, Indian superstitions do not take clock time into account.

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The left eye twitching, however, holds the opposite meaning. Good news that could possibly result from your right eye twitching could mean any of the following:. But if the same happens to man, then it becomes a good sign. For example,. African superstitions linked to right eye twitching can also signify either good or bad news. For example, it is believed that twitching of the lower eyelids suggests some harsh news. This piece of news could easily cause you to shed some tears. However, if the upper eyelid twitches then you may receive an unexpected visitor.

The Hawaiian people also have their own interpretation of right eye twitching superstitions.

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Most of these have to do with the left eye twitching and can be interpreted as the following:. Whether superstition has anything to do with it or not, eye twitching happens when eyelid muscles contract and relax. Involuntary twitching, however, can be caused by having dry eyes, suffering from conjunctivitis or being sensitive to light. Plus, if you have not had sufficient sleep, or are highly stressed, you may find your eyes twitching. Here are some ways to give your eyes the much needed rest:. It may just be that your eyes are tired from a lack of sleep. It is important to catch up on your sleep if this is the case.

If you are tired and experience a lot of eye twitching, you can also try putting on a warm compress to soothe the eyes. Our body reacts to stress in different ways.

Because stress puts a great deal of tension on the muscles, they may experience a rush of hormones and unusual blood flow. In the case of eye muscles, this can result in eye twitching. Your eye may also twitch if you are physically fatigued. Think aches and pains in the legs, arms and back. But fatigue also has a way of affecting smaller muscles as well. Eyes that work too hard or suffer from vision problems can easily become fatigued and result in experiencing eye twitching.

You may be tiring your eyes out unnecessarily. This can happen when you need glasses but do have them, or do not wear them. Continuous, unwanted squinting may also make your eyes twitch more often. Other factors like working in bad lighting can also strain your eyes and exhaust them. In this case, experts recommend using the rule. This rule means that you work on you device for 20 minutes. Then you look away at a distant object, at least 20 feet away.

Hold your gaze at this spot for at least 20 seconds before returning it back to your screen. Following this rule with significantly reduce eye muscle fatigue that may be causing your eye to twitch. Having too much caffeine can also trigger eye twitching. If you feel that you eye has started twitching too much, cut back on your caffeine intake.