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The ambitious Moon enters your ninth house making you more concerned with how the public perceives you. Quite a few Archers are refreshingly free of any self-conscious concerns, but you may feel the sting of self-scrutiny now. Just remember that no one notices you quite as much as you do.

Most people are too worried about themselves to care about how you are doing!

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Advantageous colours are charcoal grey and rich tan. Lucky numbers are 8 and Venus in your mid-heaven will see your work and daily responsibilities will expand and it looks like the money's flowing, due to the work you've put in. Your work may require more travel, or training and you may hire others to take on the overload.

Keep your sense of self-importance well in hand. Don't take your health too much for granted.


Favourable colours are cobalt blue and raincloud grey. Lucky numbers are 6 and 8. You may have a great deal of work to do, but your can-do attitude will help you make it through the day. The New Moon highlights your tenth house of career and reputation, shining the spotlight on what the public thinks of you.

Sagittarius Horoscopes

It is obvious to many that you are responsible, resourceful, and intelligent. You may have to convince an authority figure to see your point of view, but you should be successful. Favourable colours are charcoal grey and banker's green. It should be easy to please and be pleased on this friendly and energetic day. Energy is high and spirits are generally optimistic, so why not plan to have some fun tonight?

Get together with your mate, best friend, or partner for some good food and spirits and do something on the spur of the moment that you have always wanted to do. It will be good for your soul! | Sagittarius Horoscope Readings - Emailed Daily

Auspicious colours are sparkling green and copper. Lucky numbers are 24 and Don't disappoint your lover today- as it will leave you repenting later. Success is definitely yours- if you make crucial changes one step at a time. If travelling make sure you carry all-important documents. Marriage is not just about living under one roof. It's very important to spend some time with your partner. Tomorrow's Tarot card for Sagittarius, Two of Pentacles.

Lucky #Numbers Sagittarius Sept 2018

How do you use this information? Their lucky numbers are 3, 6, 8 and 5.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Oct 9, 12222

They can use these numbers to attract positive events into their lives, as well as any number that adds up to 3, 6, 5 or 8 — such as 44 8 , 23 5 , 42 6 or 21 3. These numbers above are specific and unique to the sign of Sagittarius. Use these numbers above, or any numbers that add up to these numbers when you begin an important task on a specific date, i.

Playing the Daily Lotto with these numbers can be very beneficial, as well as choosing a home with any of these numbers.